1765 Northview Blvd. #79
Eugene, Oregon 97405



the Sage
Eugene, Oregon

at Arbor South Architecture

theSage was Arbor South's 2009 Tour Home, which was designed to be a demonstration of the possiblities in sustainable design. It was awarded LEED Platinum, and is the highest rated single family residence west of the Rockies. It received the 2009 LEED for Homes Outstanding Single Family Project Award, the Northwest Energy Star Home of the Year, and the AIA SWO Colleague's Choice Award. I was a part of this project from its very conception, helping to create a 3d model of the schematic, which I then carried through into design developement and construction documents. As a team, we came up with our sustainable strategies and the best ways to implement them. I was also in charge of creating a graphical section to highlight the sustainable features of the home for the Home Builders Association 2009 Tour of Homes.